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"Cocaine" Energy Drink: A Reflection on Legal Drugs

So today MSN informed me that 7-Eleven is yoinking a new uber-powerful energy drink called "Cocaine" from its shelves for its unconventional nomenclature. Yes, it's quite understandable why this drink is controversial, but doesn't this lead into a closer look at the role of caffeine as a drug? People often talk about withdrawal symptoms they get if they give up drinking caffeine for periods of time when their bodies are used to downing multiple servings of coffee or soda a day, but caffeine continues to exist for both young and old as an attainable stimulant.

I have not had much experience with energy drinks (limited solely to a Jones Energy Drink that tasted sharp rather than fruity), but their recent emergence into the mainstream market has come quite suddenly. It started with Red Bull, and now we have Cocaine, which contains three times the amount of caffeine as the former. Energy drinks come with health warnings on the side of the cans: Cautions: Contains caffeine. Not recommended for children, pregnant or breast-feeding women, caffeine sensitive persons or to be mixed with alcohol. Do not consume more than 500 mL per day (Red Bull). Granted, many drugs have health warnings that echo many of the same concepts. But such drugs are to cure aches and illnesses. What is the purpose of this caffeine? You want energy? Go to bed!

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