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Blah blah blah

23 April
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I was born in Maryland but grew up in Louisiana, so don't bother asking about the former because I know nothing, nothing! I find Lexington a much nicer alternative to Baton Rouge, but while my parents might want to stay here for ever and ever, I would like to stop off in Californialand at least once in my life. Of all the places I've lived, I rather liked England the most, as the only thing I hated there was how I acted (it was that awkward transitional period between elementary school and middle school).

My mind is made up of a serious of contradicting opposites that, like yin and yang, just seem (or at least try to seem) to balance each other out. And when these go out of balance, I go a bit nutty (nuttier than usual, that is), but I usually get over it.

Change is a constant, remember that.

And my blue blops make me happy. Remember that, too.

I was named after a song (extra-extra bonus points for ye who finds it), and I am most disappointed in my attachment to TV and computers. Woo!